Yasser-230x300CEO Message

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce COMPLETE Energy Solutions Company which was formed in Egypt by Eng. Yasser Elshazly an EPC specialized company focusing on renewable energy projects and Mining after a lot of research and investment in these fields for more than 15 years in Germany, Austria & Egypt.

Over the past 20 years our expertise in the Oil & Gas Industry has given us the solid knowledge of the energy market needs and the future requirement for a clean and green energy.

We have formed a Joint Venture with a major German EPC solar energy company and started operations in 2006 where our JV company has been in the solar energy industry for over 15 years in Europe and completed more than 30 projects varies from 50kW to 15MW.

Our main focus is to produce green energy in the Middle East, introduce new environmental green energy technologies, play a major role in these fields and ensure environmental disposal of hazardous waste whilst take the advantage to convert it to green energy.

The other part of focus is Waste to Energy & Mining through state of the art technologies producing the safest clean energy to the environment. Our engineering teams design, build, install and operate the plants depending on client’s requirement.

We do value our HSE standards, Customers, People and Quality. Our target is to increase our local presence in the Middle East by increasing the local content among young teams supported by highly experienced personnel and high end technology.

Yasser Elshazly